Laughing Hyena (laughinghyena) wrote in vccom,
Laughing Hyena

Is there an Ornithologist in the comm? (Ventura College)

I know that nobody has posted here in ages, but I'm really curious about the two hawks at Ventura College. See, I'm taking Summer classes, and I keep seeing them there. A female and male pair, perhaps?
I can't tell if they are harrier hawks or some other type of small hawk.
They both have very distinct clear sounds that they make. They also have white chests with light brown spots on the top, small beaks, brown faces, banded tail feathers, and are small in size.
I'm planning on taking my camera with me just in case. I was able to follow them from tree to tree by foot. They didn't like if I got too close on land and would go to the next tree to avoid me.

I've been going to VC for a very long time and this is the first time I've seen and heard hawks up close there. Mostly, you have scrub jays, rabbits, sparrows, crows, a lone gull or two and various song birds in the location.
Thanks if you can help me identify them!
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