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Upcoming October events

Please, if you have any news of events (in your city or school) that I do not have listed here, please inform me so I can add them.
Since I know there are more haunted house attractions besides the Seaside Haunt. If there are no websites for the event, list date and place in the comments!
I also wished there were workshops for making latex masks for kids and adults in Ventura.

Haunted Houses Attractions/Theme Parks
Sea Side Haunt - Ventura Fairgrounds - All of Oct.

Pumpkin Patches/Farms/Trains
Faulkner Farm Pumpkin Fest
Fillmore & Western Railway's Pumpkin Liner
Fillmore & Western Railway's Headless Headless Horseman Dinner Train
Fillmore & Western Railway's Murder Mystery Train
Underwood Family Farms
Pumpkin Patch Day
Place: Channel Islands Harbor Farmers’ & Fishermen’s Market
Date: Oct. 29

Day of the Dead free workshops Oct. 16-20

Annual Harvest Festival Sep. 29 - Oct. 1
Moorpark Country Days Oct. 7
Ojai Day
6th Annual Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Oct. 29 (Calendar hasn't updated yet on the site)

Costume Parties

Ghost Tours
Richard Senate's site
Call the City of Ventura at 805-658-4726 for information on tour schedules, fees, and locations.
Oxnard Ghost Tours Oct. 13 - 29
Call Telephone: 805-483-5118

Other Events
Kinetic Sculpture Race Oct. 28 Ventura Harbor
Seaside Highland Games Oct. 13-15

Start planning for Oktoberfest, Dia de los Muertos, Halloween, All Saints' Day, Samhain, Fall Harvest, and all other holidays/events happening between the 1st of Oct. to the 1st of Nov. And have a great day at any of them!
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