bayareajenn (bayareajenn) wrote in vccom,

Looking for a place to live/roommates

Hi. My name is Jennifer. I'm 34yo. I don't smoke. I'm looking for a room to rent from July or August of this year through May of 2008. I currently live in San Jose, but I'll be attending Moorpark's Exotic Animal Training and Management program, and so I need a room for the duration. I'd prefer a furnished room, but I can do unfurnished. I don't smoke and would prefer the same. I won't be bringing my pets, but I don't care if you have any. For one class in one semester, I'll need to keep and train a rat, though. I'm reasonably clean, but not a neat-freak. I won't leave messes for my roommates to clean up. I have my own car. I'd prefer to live in Moorpark, but Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley are all do-able. I'm quiet, not a party person, but I'm not antisocial, either. I like to play games and I like to cook. I'd like a place that has laundry available on-site (not coin-op), a dishwasher, an internet connection, kitchen privileges, and parking. I'd prefer my own room, but I don't mind sharing a bathroom. I'm looking for a place for between $450 and $550 a month, including utilities. I've been checking craigslist (Ventura County and Los Angeles), The Acorn,, and The Kitty Letter. I've had a few nibbles, but I haven't reeled anything in yet.

Please pass the word to anyone you know who is trying to find a roommate.
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